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Our company has gathered a group of professional researchers to develop our products. With the refined equipments,software and under the management idea to pursue excellent quality, we have made our products' quality first-class. We focus on developing and manufacturing with rigorous working attitude so as to provide best products and services for our customers.
Striving for high quality and perfection is the working goal that Jihao made according to the market need. Based on this goal, Jihao has researched and developed on its own, implemented a mold-designing flow of CAD/CAE/CAM. What’s more, Jihao has accomplished a large and standardized database of molds and firmly inspected all the products according to each National Standards and Norms.
We deeply believe that the competition between enterprises is not only the competition of their products, but also the competition of their organizing efficiencies and management abilities. Since its foundation ,Jihao started to better its organizing structure and the whole management systems; to focus on stimulating employees’ responsibilities and to advocate the spirit of team cooperation. Such a high-efficiency and cooperative team has not only guaranteed the best products and services for customers, but also made Jihao competent in the market.
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